Choose a good chiropractor in Valencia

Back pain is a generic term that groups many diseases of varying severity and that today, given our pace of modern life, starts to become a real epidemic. Just look at some of the official data in this regard:

– The latest statistics indicate that at least 80% of the world population will suffer at some point in his life a sore back, more or less serious.
– The study Airaksinen 2006 stipulates that the European Union one in five people suffers from some type of back pain that extended over three months can reach the category of chronic.

All this is because of our lifestyle and why the spine, our linchpin, is affected by many factors ranging from the simple fact fatten up the type of shoes or heels we use, the way of driving or estrees we support the daily.

In this article we will show you what it is and how chiropractic works Valencia and its usefulness and effectiveness in many diseases such as back pain.