PhD Awards

Carlos Sánchez Muñoz (Center for Emergent Matter Science, RIKEN)

Achim Woessner (The Institute of Photonic Sciences, ICFO)

Best paper award

Efrén Navarro Moratalla (Department of Physics, MIT)

BEST PORTER AWARDS in junior category

FIRST PRIZE: Lucía Iglesias

For her work entitled: Mechanical and electrical control of oxygen vacancies instrained SrTiO3 thin films

SECOND PRIZE: Carmen Rubio

For her work entitled: Electronic characterization of the coexisting charge density wave and superconductivity in single-layer NbSe2 at T = 1 K

THIRD PRIZE: Ainhoa Atxabal

For her work entitled: Spin doping using transition metal phthalocyanine molecules

THIRD PRIZE: Dominik D. Bühler

For his work entitled: Surface acoustic wave tuned optical modulators for integrated photonics

SPECIAL MENTION: Laura Mercadé Morales

For her work entitled: Nano-optomechanical crystal cavity design for totally confined gigahertz mechanical modes with a complete phononic bandgap

SPECIAL MENTION: Niklas Friedrich

For his work entitled: Robust surface dipole moment measurement by scanning quantum dot microscopy

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